We are Here for You – PolyScience

As you are well aware, the spread of the coronavirus has been affecting the world as well as our own industry, we are all being touched by this horrible pandemic.

For now, the coronavirus is starting to segment our world. And while we would like nothing more than to be able to visit and meet with all of our global customers, the reality is that it is not possible.

With that in mind, we have made the difficult decision to cancel all international travel until the current global conditions have subsided.

As hard as it is to have to take a financial impact and missed opportunities to meet customers, it would be even more devastating to put any of you in harm’s way.

That being said, we wanted to share this note with all of you; despite the current global conditions, we are here for you. With our global distribution center in Europe as well as our world headquarters in the United States, we are here to support you in any way we can.

We have always been there to supply the laboratory industry with equipment and the tools they need to be successful and now more than ever that success is key to finding an end to this disease. We know that our many partners, customers and friends who work in the medical field are using all of their skills and efforts to make this idea a reality, and we are confident that you will once again be successful.

For 60 years, PolyScience has been working hand in hand with the laboratory industry and will not allow this current crisis to change that. We wish all of you the best of luck and good health, professionally and personally.

We Are Here To Help.

Philip Preston

President- PolyScience