Spectrometers Subassemblies and Complete Solutions for OEM UPDATE

Ocean Optics modular spectroscopy systems can be tailored to meet the needs of OEM customization. Robust custom solutions can then be mass produced to meet performance and budget requirements. We provide everything the customer needs from individual components and subassemblies to complete solutions and custom software.

Ocean Optics was founded on understanding our customers’ applications, and on using teamwork to turn problems into solutions.

That passion for pushing the boundaries of science with great customers has driven us for more than 25 years, and when it’s applied to developing new products that change the world, the results can be amazing.

Our suite of off-the-shelf products is broad enough to establish proof-of-concept quickly, which combined with their compact size, lets you move efficiently from prototype to production with minimal risk and low development cost.

We offer customization at every level to further optimize your design, from embedded components and subassemblies to turnkey systems that allow you to bypass manufacturing entirely. When we become your co-development partner, you gain an engineering design team with a deep understanding of the products they’re integrating, combined with creativity and experience from a diverse range of industries.

We build a spectrometer system every 5 minutes, and are ready to support your product with world-class, ISO-certified manufacturing capabilities on 3 continents. We were the first miniature spectroscopy provider to market, and you can rely on us to deliver quality products and service long term.

We understand the importance of a strong, dynamic partnership throughout a product’s lifetime, and have the resources and expertise to transform your idea into a volume-manufactured system.