How Does the AQUAPHON® A 50 Work?

The AQUAPHON® system with the receiver A 50 is the affordable entry into professional water leak detection . It is used for the electro-acoustic detection of leaks in water pipe networks . It is ideal for pre-location as well as the exact pinpointing of leaks .

Advantages of the AQUAPHON® A 50

  • Especially efficient solution for electro-acoustic water leak detection
  • Long availability – even without recharging – thanks to powerful battery technology
  • Extremely compact, lightweight, handy housing with belt clip – for convenient, effortless carrying and maximum freedom of movement; ready for use at all times
  • Adjustable filters: frequency ranges can be individually adjusted to hearing to reduce interference noise
  • Illuminated display with optimised tilt angle and automatically changing display (180° rotation) making it easy to read the receiver regardless of position
  • Two product versions available: with or without SDR radio module
  • Added supporting visualisation of noises on the display for reliable evaluation of leak noises

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