For the last 50 years, Cirrus Research has led the noise measurement industry. The previous five decades have seen the Yorkshire-based business move from analogue handheld sound level meters, to wireless Bluetooth-enabled noise dosimeters and cloud-connected instruments.

That’s five decades of continual technological developments, which have enabled Cirrus to work with some of the world’s biggest names in their respective industries, including Triumph Motorcycles, M-Sport and Opera North.

But in a world where consumers can customise the products and services they need to the finest detail, the days of the one-size-fits-all approach, offered by so many in the industry, are coming to an end. So how can Cirrus Research, noise measurement and occupational health and safety adapt to these new challenges?

To answer this question, Cirrus Research has recently introduced the newest addition to their portfolio: Cirrus Solutions.

Head of Business Development at Cirrus Solutions, Craig Storey said: “At Cirrus Solutions, we believe that the easier it is for someone to get precisely what they need, the more likely it is that they’ll get the right solution to fix their problem effectively.

“That’s why we’re in this business: to fix people’s noise problems and help them to protect others against the number of health conditions that can be caused by exposure to excessive noise levels. When it comes to measuring, monitoring, and controlling noise, there isn’t always an off-the-shelf solution. We offer tailor-made packages to suit your specific requirements.”

Cirrus Solutions has the ability to undertake projects that range from initial site surveys and equipment training, right up to custom-built instruments that are designed, installed, and managed by their expert in-house team. Regardless of the nature of your problem, whether noise-related or not, Cirrus Solutions is there to provide the answer.

Noise will always present challenges, both in the workplace and the environment. As businesses and organisations return to work, the need for effective, easy-to-deploy and tailor-made solutions will be even more important. Cirrus Solutions promises to be on standby, ready to help any business in any sector to meet the demands of the future, here in the present.

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