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Subsea Industry get Briefing on Development

Innovative holistic flow meter management system being developed

An audience of industry experts from the UK subsea sector recently received a briefing on the development of an innovative holistic flow meter management system. This took place at the Subsea Springboard event, which was hosted by Subsea UK and the National Subsea Research Initiative (NSRI) in June.

“This innovative system is currently under development,” says Group Manager, Lynn Hunter, who gave the presentation at Subsea UK’s offices in Aberdeen. “When finished it will integrate NELs bespoke software solutions with our world-established flow expertise and streamline the coordination and management of vast amounts of metering data.”

“Of particular interest to the industrial audience is the fact that, in the field, the system’s live dashboard will provide a health check on individual meters and alert users when they are performing outside their specifications,” says Lynn. “This will help instill confidence in meters destined for subsea use and will play an instrumental role in their ongoing maintenance.”

The presentation was well received, with NSRI choosing the management system as its technology of the month for its website.

“With the growth in big data and analytics,” Lynn adds, “the streamlining of metering data is becoming more and more important to support effective production measurement, fiscal taxation and allocation reporting.”

Once it is fully developed, the system will operate from a remote cloud platform. It will ensure that multiple users are working from one set of controlled, traceable data. It will correct for installation effects and variations in field production fluids. This will ensure a true reflection of measurement uncertainty. Added benefits will come from the online support and troubleshooting that will be provided by NEL’s flow measurement experts.

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