The portable gas detection and measurement devices in the EX-TEC® PM 5XX series will make the work of gas fitters, maintenance crews and other specialist staff much simpler. They will help pinpoint leaks in freely accessible gas pipelines, estimate the risk of explosion and ascertain whether levels of toxic gases fall within occupational exposure limits (OELs).

Ergonomics that make work easier

All models in the new EX-TEC® PM 5XX series are accredited as gas detectors and approved for use in so-called “Ex” zones. Their high IP65 enclosure rating ensures safe operation even under adverse conditions.

Thanks to their non-slip housing with a rubber lining, the devices are easy to hold. Their high-contrast display is razor-sharp and is easy to read even in sunlight. All of the device’s functions can be launched easily from its simple 4-button keypad (two arrow keys, menu key, enter key). The separate on/off button does not have any additional functions.

Just the device for every application

The fully featured version of the EX-TEC® PM 5XX gas detection and measurement device can detect up to five different gases. Thanks to its modular design, the user can tailor the device perfectly according to their needs.

For the construction industry, the EX-TEC® PM 580 displays the carbon monoxide concentration in the ambient air and triggers an acoustic and optical alarm in case of high values. Carbon monoxide is toxic and can be released when combustion devices such as boilers have an insufficient air supply. The gas is poisonous to humans.

Convincing features

All of the models in the new EX-TEC® PM 5XX series are very user-friendly and suitable for any application thanks to their simple 4-button navigation and clear menu structure. Device inspection is supported intelligently by the device software and the illuminated 2.5” display can be read in any environment. The non-slip housing is easy to carry and, thanks to its single-hand operation, can be used by both right-handed and left-handed users. Should the hydrophobic filter come into contact with water, it protects the device and triggers the pump alarm. Filter contamination can be identified quickly and easily on the transparent closure in front of the easy-to-replace dust filter.

A short sensor and belt clip make use of the device even more comfortable, and are included as standard. Other sensors are available for users to customise the device for their exact requirements.

Running on AA batteries or rechargeable batteries, the device operates for a total of between 8 – 16 hours (depending on model and application).

Test equipment SPE AutoFlow simplifies necessary device inspection and reduces the amount of test gas required. The ATS 503/ATS 501 test station ensures precise measurement values automatically and reliably. Both are available as accessories. Powerful software called GasCom enables storage of the recorded measurement values and is used to configure the entire device.

Additional information on the new SEWERIN EX-TEC® PM 5XX range of devices is available from SEWERIN distribution partners or on the internet.