While scientists are calling harmful ammonia the “Fuel of the Future”, Sensorix keeps on developing effective toxic gas detection solutions in order to save the lives of employees and businesses worldwide. That is why we are very pleased to present a wide range of electrochemical gas sensors for measuring ammonia with zero cross-sensitivity towards CO, H2 and many other gases.

Ammonia gas (NH3) is used in many industries, for instance, in the production of fertilisers, rubber, nitric acid, urea, plastics, synthetic resin, solvents and other chemicals. It is also used in food processing, as a refrigerant. However, ammonia gas is one of the highly toxic gases. At exposure levels above 300 ppm, it is dangerous to health within less than one hour, according to the NIOSH. This means you need a reliable ammonia gas detection system.

Therefore, we are proud to offer highly selective gas sensors to solve your NH3 detection tasks. Sensorix product range includes the following sensors that can be used in industrial safety systems as well as in refrigeration applications down to -20°C, and namely:

  • Sensorix NH3 100 (Standard sensor for 100 ppm measuring range with 130 nA/ppm)
  • Sensorix NH3 500 (500 ppm range sensor with 35 nA/ppm – covers both 100 and 1000 ppm applications reasonably well)
  • Sensorix NH3 1000 (Standard sensor for 1000 ppm measuring range with 8 nA/ppm)
  • Sensorix NH3 5000 (Sensor for demanding application up to 0.5% NH3 with 4 nA/ppm)

Now the Sensorix team is working on the development of Sensorix NH3 sensors for -40°C which will be available soon. This enables reliable detection of Ammonia gas even in special deep freeze applications.

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