s::can proudly announces the launch of the next generation of spectrometers for online water quality monitoring. The technology leader has done extensive research on his customers’ needs and developed the spectro::lyser V3 based on these results.

Unlike any other spectrometer probe this one comes with a web server on board. No terminal or user software is needed to configure the probe. Any mobile device or PC can communicate directly via Bluetooth or WLAN with the spectro::lyser V3. This is extremely user-friendly and cuts costs significantly, as the probe can be used stand-alone and does not need a cost-intensive terminal. The web interface IoT::Tool visualizes the parameters, spectral fingerprint, time series and allows thorough device management. In order to use Io::Tool, a web browser on any device is sufficient, no additional equipment is needed. The data can be integrated into SCADA or any governmental supervision system. Data transfer is done with a TCP/IP protocol. To protect any transmission from being sniffed, standardized https encryption is used.

“the parameter set of the spectro::lyser can be customized”

The spectro::lyser V3 is a multiparameter probe with 1mm, 5mm or 35mm optical path length. The different path lengths are optimized for waste water, industrial water, surface water and drinking water applications. It is able to measure many significant water quality parameters in one device, for example COD, DOC, TOC, BOD, UV254, Turbidity, TSS, NO3, H2S, and BTX. The parameter set of the spectro::lyser can be customized, each parameter can be chosen by the customer individually. A huge 8 GB onboard memory allows logging data for long term monitoring. By using a persistent memory logger there is no loss of data, even when there is a loss of power supply. To be sustainable the probe is extremely power efficient and can be sent to sleep-mode utilizing an ARM processor known from mobile devices. A LED ring signals with different colors the status of the sensor, so that the operator recognizes immediately if everything is alright with the sensor.

This new innovative spectrometer probe does not require any terminal or other costly display device. It can securely be operated with any mobile device with a web browser. This cuts cost and makes the monitoring set up very simple. The probe itself can be controlled remotely, the user does not have to be at the same place. These features allow cost reduction, a state-of-the-art IoT integration of the probe and a very simple operation of the probe which makes the life of the operator much easier.

For further information visit www.s-can.at