Pentair X Flow Aquaflex
Pentair X-Flow Aquaflex Solution (image courtesy of X-Flow B.V)

LONDON, United Kingdom (August 31st, 2020) – Global water treatment company Pentair announces the latest innovation within its X-Flow filtration solution portfolio, the Pentair X-Flow XF75 Membrane Element. This new ultrafiltration (UF) membrane element provides a cost-effective solution to new water treatment projects and helps to enhance performance of existing systems within the same footprint.

Internal workings redesigned

Although the outer dimensions are the same as those of existing Pentair X-Flow membrane elements with membrane areas of 55 m2 and 64 m2, the company has redesigned the internal workings and used modified materials to create extra membrane surface area.

Greater membrane surface area

This latest innovation provides key advantages in terms of square metres of surface area in relation to element size. By maintaining the existing element outer dimensions and increasing the total surface area to 75 m2, customers are able to benefit from more membrane surface area per unit of weight or volume than the average of similar Pentair X-Flow UF technologies available today.

By not increasing the element size, the new X-Flow XF75 Membrane Element is applicable to projects entailing common membrane element sizes without the added complications to accommodate footprint differences.

“Bigger is not always better. The new X-Flow XF75 Membrane Element is a real powerhouse that boosts Pentair X-Flow Aquaflex and X-line Solutions,” says Jaap Rosink, product category leader at Pentair X-Flow. “The new X-Flow XF75 Membrane Element brings a cost-effective solution to new projects and also allows existing water treatment systems utilizing Pentair X-Flow Aquaflex and X-line technology to achieve a significant performance boost within the same footprint.”

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