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Parallel und Fast Concentration of Samples in PCB and Dioxin Analysis

The vacuum concentrator D-EVA allows unattended, parallel and fast concentration

The vacuum concentrator D-EVA allows unattended, parallel and fast concentration of several samples with automatic stop at a defined volume between 10 and 150 µL.

During the clean-up of PCB and dioxin samples it is necessary to concentrate samples to a very low volume for subsequent analysis. In order to preserve the analytes, evaporation to dryness urgently has to be avoided. With the D-EVA vacuum concentrator, LCTech GmbH, specialist for automated sample clean-up, has developed the ideal solution for fast and parallel concentration of 1 to 47 samples.

The system evaporates the samples using vacuum and light to a defined volume. A special sensor, designed by LCTech, stops the system automatically at a volume between 10 and 150 µL. Even with rinsing, the subsequent transfer into the insert of a GC-vial is possible. Independent of the sample number or position in the rotor, the results achieved for each sample are the same.

Design and technology reliable prevent unwanted further evaporation after stopping the process as well as cross contamination.

During concentration, the sample is centrifuged at moderate speed. This results in a centrifugal force that reliably prevents boiling retardation. Cleaning steps are not necessary during the process.

In addition to the easy-to-use software, D-EVA is supplied with a highly efficient cold trap in which the solvent is recondensed and collected. Therefore no vapours are produced in the laboratory and the solvents are easy for the user to dispose.

Furthermore, D-EVA requires only little space in the laboratory as only one system is necessary for parallel processing of several samples. For different vials various rotors are available.

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The LCTech GmbH with its headquarters in Obertaufkirchen develops and sells since 1998 innovative products and methods for the preparation and analysis of environmental, food and feed as well as for forensic samples. The products range from GPC systems to fully automated solutions for mycotoxin analysis. LCTech is represented by an extensive network of distributors worldwide and even exclusive distributor of PICKERING Laboratories in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the CIS countries.
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