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Palas Finds Partner for the Future

Long term partnership focusing on innovation

Palas® company founder and CEO Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Leander Mölter has decided to enter his well-deserved retirement after 35 years and sell his company shares to Brockhaus Capital Management AG (BCM), an independent technology holding with a focus on holdings in innovation and technology leaders.

With the withdrawal of Mr. Mölter, Dr.-Ing. Maximilian Weiß becomes sole CEO of the company. Dr. Weiß, since 2008 Head of Development and Production, acquired the shares of the company co-founder Fritz Munzinger in 2015 and since then headed the company together with Leander Mölter.

"A successful succession plan offers optimal conditions for continuing our extraordinary growth story," explains Leander Mölter. "In the selection of the new majority shareholder, it was crucial for us that BCM is not only thoroughly familiar with the needs of rapidly growing medium-sized technology leaders and can support us with a broad network of industry experts, but moreover, as a technology holding, BCM is committed to long-term partnership and, contrary to conventional financial investors, is not subject to a prescribed investment horizon."

"A successful succession plan offers optimal conditions for continuing our extraordinary growth story"

"BCM’s outstanding network enables us to continue driving forward our hitherto very successful expansion, above all by opening up new international markets and additional application areas," adds Weiß, who presented the company vision to his employees at the Christmas party at the beginning of December. One of the main objectives for the coming years is, for example, to forge ahead with the pioneering role and globally propagate Fidas® – the optical fine dust measurement device.

"As an experienced technology investor that has accompanied companies like Wirecard and 360T in their success stories, we are convinced that Palas is a technology leader in a class of its own," says Marco Brockhaus, CEO of BCM. "The company has at its disposal a worldwide unique technology for optical particle measurement and is ideally positioned in a niche whose impressive growth is driven by global megatrends. This means that Palas not only stands for extraordinary dynamics, associated with high profitability, but also for top growth perspectives in the long term. Taking up a share in Palas is an important milestone in building up our BCM portfolio and in preparing for our planned IPO," Brockhaus continues.

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Palas® GmbH was established in 1983 as a Karlsruhe-based company by Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Leander Mölter and has been managed by him from its beginning, since 2015 together with the co-owner Dr.-Ing. Maximilian Weiß. The company has 50 permanent employees. With more than 60 patents filed, Palas® has been setting standards in aerosol and particle technology for more than 30 years. Palas® has established itself as a global market leader in the fields of aerosol generation, aerosol dilution, and aerosol measurement technology. Authorities and institutions in the field of environmental protection, well-known companies, universities and research institutes worldwide rely on precision technology by Palas®.
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