As a global company in the field of water quality monitoring, we have been caring about sustainability since our foundation in 1999. Starting with the selection of our suppliers, through our in-house production (certified with the environmental ISO 14001), the avoidance of toxic materials, the use of recycled materials and the shipping of the products.

s::can new cardboard packaging

We are aware of our responsibility towards our environment, therefore we constantly strive for improvement. For this reason, we have decided to switch to resource-saving and recyclable cardboard packaging in the future. When selecting the new materials, in addition to sustainability, we also paid great attention to the best possible protection of our high-quality products during shipping.

The change is taking place gradually and begins with our best-selling products – the spectro::lyser V3, the con::cube V3 and a few more. Our medium-term goal is to switch all our products to the new sustainable cardboard packaging.

For more information, please visit s::can’s website.