The degree of automation in the wastewater industry is steadily increasing. Many facilities now operate completely autonomously. For that reason, the associated measurement technology must be reliable and maintenance-free.

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VEGA has recently extended the proven VEGAPULS family with a new instrument series for continuous level measurement in the wastewater industry. These compact radar sensors measure at a frequency of 80 GHz and deliver accurate readings over many years, regardless of the ambient conditions.

The new radar series is available in two versions: as a compact model with cable connection housings and as a standard model with fixed cable connection (IP68).

This makes the new VEGAPULS ideal for, among other things, flow measurement in main sewers leading to sewage treatment plants, determination of the degree of contamination in mechanical screening or level measurement in rainwater overflow basins. Thanks to the high precision of the radar sensors, the impounded and discharged water quantities can be measured with just one sensor. Up until now, such measurements were mostly carried out with ultrasonic measurement technology, which was often influenced by environmental factors such as solar radiation, condensation, temperature fluctuations or buildup.