MIPEX-02  NDIR  sensors family is well known for it’s low power consumption. Previous types were dedicated to measure mostly combustible gases, with 1.5% limitation to measure carbon dioxide. Modified optical system has got extended  both measurement  and operating  temperature ranges. Updated  sensor is available in following versions:

MIPEX-02-3-I-1.1A(30)      1.5% CO2        -10 to +40C

MIPEX-02-3-II-1.1A(32)      1.5% CO2       -20 to +50C

MIPEX-02-3-I-1.1A(40)       5%    CO2         -10 to +40C

MIPEX-02-3-II-1.1A(42)       5%   CO2           -20 TO +50C.

Utilizing MIPEX-02 sensors in portable gas detector will give way to design instrument operating 2 months without recharge.

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