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Level & Pressure Measurement: Innovation

Low cost radar sensors

Do you control, monitor and detect the level or pressure of water, sludge, solids, even measure air and gas flows? VEGA manufacture an instrument whatever your application; from boreholes, reservoirs, open channel flow, flood management, waste water processing - to sludge handling, aeration, digestion, biogas generation, chemical storage and more. Visit the VEGA Stand to see our working displays, discuss your requirements, or a device for test, trial and evaluation.

Low cost radar sensors

Discover the low cost, compact radar level sensors challenging convention via a new way to measure and control level. This surprisingly reliable and versatile device starts at just £398, a technology proven in hundreds of thousands of applications. The first MCERTS radar open channel flow system, simple to install and highly accurate now features Bluetooth. See how our ceramic, highly resilient dirt and abrasion resistant, flush fitting or submersible pressure transmitters are unaffected by overpressure, water hammer and pressure shocks. VEGA Stand 106-107.

Time to digitise your logistics?

Looking to save time, money, resources fuel on your logistics? Many water companies have telemetry (SCADA) systems in place for remote monitoring and control of works and processes. But what about chemical stocks, lime powder silos and sludge collections? VEGAVIS is one of the most versatile and cost-effective remote inventory and telemetry systems, used by numerous companies and authorities to measure level, control distribution and optimise logistics. VEGA can offer a scalable, simple enterprise solution for IIOT solutions to distribution. Sites can be grouped, mapped, shared with different parties, soft alarms and messages set to enable a seamless partnership between transport and users for bulk product supply, waste removal and even water level monitoring or event duration. Systems can comprise of a single battery or solar powered device with integrated SIM, no outstation needed, to multi-drop architecture with multiple sensors and ATEX approvals. Web-based or local server versions are available to accommodate IT requirements of different organisations. Contact VEGA to discuss a trial system and competitive packages for the VEGA Vendor Inventory System.


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VEGA Grieshaber KG is a global manufacturer of process instrumentation. Its product portfolio includes sensors for measurement of level, point level, pressure as well as equipment and software for integration into process control systems.
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