Helapet’s British manufactured Filter Devices span bespoke customisable and standard off-the-shelf in-line disc filters. These filters are produced and tested in Helapet’s in-house ISO Class 8 rated cleanroom facility.

Helapet produce filters that have no need for adhesives or binders in the filter manufacturing process. Cleanroom standard also means that Helapet’s filters can be sterilised if required for use in critical or sensitive machinery and are designed and built for precise filtration and clarification of particulates in gases or liquids.

Boasting the latest machinery, with a highly skilled cleanroom workforce, the British-owned manufacturer’s in-house LEAN process methods ensures quick yet accurate output.

‘Helapet are proud to be able to offer bespoke filter products to our customers’ specifications.  Many of our customer applications involve the use of high value, sensitive equipment and whilst the filter can be seen as only as small component, it is vital we offer peace of mind that they are buying high quality, reliable filters.’

Tony Phelps, Sales and Marketing Manager

Helapet Inline disc filters are used in an array of essential industry applications including instrument protection, sterile venting, particulate filtration and ink clarification.

For additional information on Helapet Filters please email [email protected] or call (0)800 0328 428.