The groundbreaking ceremony for this new factory building will be held on 19 May 2021.

Toyooka Factory

Hamamatsu Photonics will construct a new factory Building, No. 11, at its Toyooka factory site (Shimokanzo, Iwata City, Japan) to handle the increase in sales of Microfocus X-ray sources (MFX) and other electron tube products.

The groundbreaking ceremony for the new factory building will be held on Wednesday 19 May 2021, and is scheduled to be completed in January 2023.

At Hamamatsu Photonics, we manufacture and sell highly advanced electron tube products such as photomultiplier tubes, imaging devices and light sources for a broad range of fields and applications including medicine, industry, analysis, measurement, and academic research.

We see sales of these products steadily increasing, particularly with the rapidly expanding demand for MFX used with imaging devices in the non-destructive inspection of printed circuit boards for data servers and Li ion batteries for electric vehicles. This increasing demand created an urgent need to build up our MFX production capacity. We can also count on increased sales of low-energy electron beam sources, EB-ENGINE, for printing and sterilization tasks and medical scintillators for converting X-ray images into visible images. We are also planning to utilize microchannel plates (MCP) in explosive trace detection equipment at airports. Therefore, we anticipate sales of the entire electron tube business will increase by approximately 17 billion yen over the next five years. This new factory building will help us enhance our production capacity and support increased sales.

In addition to the EB-ENGINE and MCP, we will shift development and production operations for light sources to the new factory to enable us to further increase production capacity. The new factory building will also have adequate space to meet future increases in product demand.  Furthermore, by utilizing the space that will become available in existing buildings after shifting operations, we will be able to further expand the space for MFX production and enhance scintillator production capacity.

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