A flow calibrator is what we needed to add to our equipment portfolio. As usual, we didn’t just want to have the usual solution available from all the other manufacturers, our target was to offer something different, something better.

Call the CF1 a “flow calibrator” is quite reductive because, of course, it measures the actual/normalized flowrate but it also measure the volume passing through the cell, ambient pressure, gas temperature and pressure drop of the line.

A second version named CF1-UR is available and, through an external sensor, also measure ambient temperature and relative humidity. The CF1 features an annular laminar flow cell which grants a flowrate range with a very wide dynamic 1:100 (from 0,45 to 45 l/min) and capability to measures flows both sampled or delivered by the pump.

CF1 is compact and light (only 300 gr) and is equipped with LiPO batteries which makes it perfect as secondary reference for field operations.
But all CF1 sensors can be ISO17025 certified, which makes it suitable also as primary reference for flowrate, volume, pressure, temperature and rH%  in lab.
CF1 has also wireless communication capabilities, it will be supplied with USB dongle for direct communication of all the readings through the software (under development) for long lasting sampler tests. The software will also allow to program the certificates into the unit.
A high accuracy calibration is available as option to deliver the unit with flowrate accuracy of 0,8% ± 0,1% f.s.!

What else can be asked to flow calibrator? Yes, yes, we know….the price! Well, you will be positively surprised also its price!

For more information, please visit the website here.