Acoustic measurement experts, Cirrus Research plc, have recently launched their new GPS-enabled Optimus+ sound level meter, which is designed to make environmental noise monitoring easier and more effective than ever before.

Building on the notably successful technology of Cirrus’ existing Optimus range, the Optimus+ GPS promises to provide highly accurate location data for every measurement that’s taken, with the instrument automatically storing location data with each reading.

Head of Product Development, Mark Swale, said: “The Optimus+ GPS marks another step forward in Cirrus’ long history of technical innovation and excellence. GPS-functionality for our sound level meters has been a long-requested feature, so we’re thrilled that we’re now launching the Optimus+ GPS.

“The fact that we have been able to develop this product during a time of such global uncertainty is testament to our commitment and dedication, and to the quality of our in-house engineering team.”

Cirrus offers two purchase options for the newest addition to their fleet, with customers able to benefit from the GPS functionality by either purchasing a complete Optimus+ GPS sound level meter kit, or alternatively buying a separate GPS-enabled module to connect to their existing Optimus+ Red or Green device.

With optimised battery life and industry-leading time to first fix, the Optimus+ GPS sound level meter is set to make it easier and faster than ever before to connect to a GPS signal.

Find out more by contacting Cirrus Research plc on [email protected] or alternatively by calling 01723 891655.