Sensorix was founded to meet the global demand for electrochemical sensors that respond reliably to low concentrations of hazardous gases. In line with this, we offer non-standard gas detection solutions based on customer needs. In particular, we are pleased to offer highly customised sensors designed to measure concentrations of tert-butyl mercaptan (TBM) and tetrahydrothiophene (THT).

To help people identify leaks of natural gas, which is colourless and almost odourless, TBM and THT odorants are widely used. However, an objective measurement of their levels requires a gas detection system with high-performance gas sensors with fast response time, excellent signal/noise ratio, and excellent long-term stability, such as Sensorix TBM 50 and THT 100.

Here we present the most important characteristics of each sensor for you:

Sensorix TBM 50 detects mercaptans with zero cross sensitivity towards H2, CO, H2S, THT and is ready for use in H2 containing natural gas (“power to gas”).

  • Unbiased operation increases battery life in your portable instrument.
  • Excellent repeatability (standard deviation of sensitivity = 0.5 % for 10 consecutive measurements at 10 mg/m³ TBM)
  • Excellent baseline stability from -10 to 40°C and in changing humidity (<0.1 mg/m³).

Sensorix THT 100 is the perfect solution if you need to detect THT in natural gas

  • 190 mV bias required.
  • Excellent repeatability (standard deviation of sensitivity = 1% for 10 consecutive measurements at 20 mg/m³ THT)
  • Baseline stability < 1 mg/m³ from -10 to 40°C and in changing humidity

All sensors are available in various standard formats – 4S, 7S, Mini, Classic, Smart, as well as in customer specific mechanical adaptations.

Make sure people smell natural gas leaks – check the odorant level with Sensorix sensors in your instruments: [email protected] or by phone +49 (0) 228 7637410