We’ve taken another leap forward in our product offering with the launch of the dBActive smartphone application!

Available for both iOS and Android devices, dBActive works with our new Optimus+ instrument and makes monitoring and measuring noise easier and simpler. As well as being able to view live measurement data for all noise parameters, including octave bands, you’ll be able to start, stop and pause measurements from up to 10 metres away, meaning the Optimus+ can be used remotely in potentially dangerous or hard-to-access locations.

“The new dBActive smartphone app for the Optimus+ will undoubtedly help make life a lot easier and safer for anyone who works in the noise monitoring sector,” said Tony, Cirrus’ Marketing Manager. “The new addition of Bluetooth technology will give our customers a smoother user experience and connectivity assurance – a must when you are working in remote or external locations.

“The dBActive App is now available from both Google Play and the App Store,” he added. “Combined with the Optimus+ following its latest upgrade, we have a product pairing that continues to set the standard in occupational health advancements.”

Find out more about the Optimus+ range of sound level meters at now.cirrusresearch.com/optimus/ and download the dBActive application from Google Play and the App Store now.