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Gas Sensing Solutions’ carbon dioxide sensors are suitable for a wide range of applications, from healthcare to diving, horticulture and even in space, allowing our customers to monitor levels of CO2 with sensors that are low power, high speed, robust and versatile.

In 2017, The Canadian Space Agency approached Let’s Talk Science with the aim to develop a classroom project designed to raise awareness of Canada’s contributions to space travel. This coincided with an upcoming mission to the International Space Station by astronaut David Saint-Jacques. The following January, $50 million was invested into the introduction of the CanCode programme – An educational curriculum designed to increase educational opportunities and digital skills development for Canadian youths. Let’s Talk Science was successful in securing $2 million of this investment, allowing them to expand the Living Space Project, with the support of Fair Chance Learning.
The project enabled students to monitor their indoor environmental conditions and compare the findings to the conditions found on the International Space Station, recorded by Saint-Jacques. This project gives students a better understanding of the importance of their living conditions and the impact this has on their overall health and wellbeing. It also serves an additional purpose to further develop digital literacy skills, including basic coding.

As part of the collaboration between Fair Chance Learning and Let’s Talk Science, participating educators were provided with educational support and a classroom kit, enabling them to deliver the program to their students. The kit featured an array of materials, including a custom carbon dioxide Monitor by Monk Makes which includes the Gas Sensing Solutions’ CozIR-AH sensor.
The CozIR range of CO2 sensors, designed and manufactured by Gas Sensing Solutions, are a family of carbon dioxide sensor, specially designed to be ultra-low power. The sensor is ideal for battery powered systems, including portable, wearable and self-powered applications.

The CozIR-AH sensor was selected for this project due to its many benefits. Like all the CozIR range, the CozIR-AH is extremely low power, requiring only 3.5mW and is ideal for wireless, portable, wearable and self-powered systems. Additionally, being up to 50 times lower power than typical NDIR CO2 sensors, it is suitable for battery applications. The CozIR range of sensors are all solid-state – there are no moving parts and no heated filaments.
The CozIR-AH was ideal for this project as the optional temperature and RH% sensing features would allow students to capture a variety of readings from a single sensor.

The Carbon Dioxide monitor, designed by Monk Makes, was created specifically for this project. It allows learners of all skill levels and age to monitor and analyse CO2 and RH levels, and also provides teachers with the opportunity to converse with their students about carbon dioxide with the Living Space Project.

Calum Macgregor, CEO of Gas Sensing Solutions “Gas Sensing Solutions are delighted to see our sensor being used within this exciting project. Getting children interested and engaged with science is always a great thing to see and to have our carbon dioxide sensors used to encourage this is something we are extremely proud of.

Let’s Talk Science

Let’s Talk Science is a national charitable organization committed to empowering Canadian youth to develop the skills they need to participate and thrive in an ever-changing world that is underpinned by science and technology.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, Let’s Talk Science are able to provide programs free of charge. For additional information on the Living Space action project, including learning goals, guided activities, curriculum-aligned lessons, and other free resources please check out

Fair Chance Learning

Fair Chance Learning is a Canadian educational technology learning services provider. They’re dedicated to providing every student a fair chance to reach their full learning potential. Fair Chance Learning provides professional learning that inspires and empowers educators to embed technology and enhance modern pedagogies in order to transform learning in the classroom. To learn more about Fair Chance Learning, please visit

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