The Cairnet system is an autonomous mini-station dedicated to real-time air quality and odor monitoring. Practical and economical, it measures several parameters (gases, particulate matter, etc.) using its Cairsens® micro-sensors.

Data and mini-station management are accessible through the Caircloud application via a simple secured Internet connection from any device (PC, Smartphone, Tablet).

Easy to install, cost-effective, low maintenance and simple to use, this system provides great adaptability for a wide range of applications.


Monitoring of gas emissions from a gas distribution network

“To achieve our objectives of monitoring and of controlling diffuse emissions and detecting the smallest leakage from the gas distribution network provided for in our QHSE policy, we have installed 10 Cairnet® systems measuring in real time sulphur dioxide, (H2S), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), ozone (O3) and carbon monoxide (CO).

Now, in addition to improving the safety of our site, we can also inform and make citizens aware of our actions in health, safety, the environment and energy efficiency.”

Odours Emanation from industrial wastewater and stormwater storage reservoir located in urban areas

“Located in windy areas, our site was often the target of complaints from local residents due to olfactory nuisances. Indeed, when the wind changes, it is often very difficult to identify the exact origin of this pollution and therefore to carry out corrective actions.

Consequently, a network of Cairnet® has been installed around the reservoir to measure sulphur dioxide (H2S) and mercaptans (TRS).

The measurement data are displayed online in the supervision and control center, so our technicians only intervene if and when neededat the right point indicated by the sensors.”