ASSET™ EZ4 dry samplers for isocyanates are easy-to-use dry samplers offering exceptional sensitivity for collection and measurement of vapor phase and particulate isocyanates. The ASSET™ EZ4-NCO dry sampler collects the full range of isocyanate monomers and oligomers; while the ASSET™ EZ-ICA sampler is designed to collect isocyanic acid (ICA) and methyl isocyanate (MIC) at low levels. The science behind the ASSET™ EZ4 sampler is based on dibutylamine (DBA) impregnated glass fiber filters housed in a denuder and filter cassette. This ensures both the vapor phase and aerosol/particulate isocyanates are completely derivatized and form stable derivatives. The sampling method is fully validated according to ISO 17734-1:2013.

ASSET™ EZ4 Dry Samplers for Isocyanates

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