Only a gas detector with a reliable gas sensor can accurately measure toxic gas concentrations. With over 150 years of combined experience, we are extremely proud to be able to offer our customers effective solutions for detecting highly toxic gases such as chlorine dioxide, on a regular basis.

We have compiled 5 useful features that you will definitely like about this sensor:

  1. Performance & Application: The Sensorix sensor for the detection of chlorine dioxide bases on the established 3-electrode cell principle and has a measuring range of 0 – 1 ppm. Thus, it is suitable for industrial safety applications as well as for disinfection solutions.
  2. Sensitive to decay products: Moreover, Sensorix ClO2 1 gas sensor is also able to detect decay products of the chemically unstable chlorine dioxide, e.g., it shows 0.5 ppm sensitivity to chlorine.
  3. Highly Selective: Sensorix ClO2 1 shows no cross-sensitivity to alcohols, hydrogen, or carbon monoxide. Furthermore, 1 to 5 ppm chlorine may be used for cross calibration for those who cannot invest into a ClO2 generator.
  4. Very stable baseline: Even under rapidly changing environmental conditions (temperature, humidity) the baseline will be stable below TLV (0.1 ppm)
  5. Friendly to your Gas Detector:  In addition to the standard formats such as 4S, 7S, Mini, Classic, and Smart, we offer an individual design and development of gas sensors considering specific mechanical requirements of your gas detection instrument.

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