Paul Kaufmann, Specialist Building Technology/Infrastructure at Emmi’s Mittelland Dairy.


The dairy Mittelland Molkerei in Suhr in Switzerland is the biggest dairy of the whole region and belongs to the Emmi group. Emmi is the largest milk processing company in Switzerland. At the plant, Emmi processes milk into butter, cream and drinking milk.

A modern in-house waste water treatment plant treats the water before it is discharged into the municipal waste water plant.

The s::can solution

The water quality is monitored with four s::can systems. One spectro::lyser is controlling the chemical dosage of the precipitants and flocculants, the second probe monitors the influent to the production. The third probe is for the tank washing system, at the inlet to the flotation where it measures the COD load. It triggers an alarm in case there is a leakage somewhere and larger quantities of milk product are discharged into the waste water. The fourth probe is in the neutralization phase. It monitors if the probes in the flotation are working properly and if the dosage is correct.

The terminal con::cube provides accurate information for the central management system.


With the s::can system the dairy has very accurate information available. This means that the plant has more information in their central control system, where the data can be analyzed and evaluated. This is important for the company, as it enables the dairy Mitteland to comply with the limits for the waste water discharge and save costs. It identifies how much money they have been saving due to the use of the s::can products and the accurate dosing of chemicals. Paul Kaufmann, Specialist Building Technology/Infrastructure states: “Since we have the s::can system we could detect four events and could stop in time, when a valve was leaking. We would not have noticed this otherwise. We noticed that the COD level was higher than usual and so we could react fast, especially in the production. We could save a lot of money. The spectro::lyser is very reliable, therefore I recommend it to every other company which deals with waste water in the food and beverages industry. This probe delivers very reliable results and enables to control the plant.”

The s::can film team visited the dairy and interviewed Paul Kaufmann about their smart waste water monitoring. Watch the video: