From August-October 2017, multiple new environmental regulations of interest to industry were adopted or published in Europe. Waste issues have been particularly addressed by regulations these months: several developments were issued in Lithuania, Italy, Ireland, Turkey or Russia. Greenhouse gas emission and global warming concerns have led to the adoption or preparartion of several developments, including in Israel, Hungary, Portugal and Romania.

The following overview provides the indicative title in English, the date of adoption and the ENHESA reference number. To be kept ahead of new regulatory initiatives and developments and their implications on your business, contact ENHESA at [email protected].


  • Emissions register for wastewater discharges from certain activities aligned with EU legislation- 03-Aug-2017 [67586]


  • Requirements related to installation of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and boiler systems adopted- 27-Aug-2017 [67374]


  • FEDERAL: Certain large companies must report non-financial information and information concerning diversity in their annual financial statement- 11-Sep- 2017 [67873]
  • FEDERAL: Operators carrying out shipments of waste must comply with the requirements concerning remediation measures for environmental damage- 20-Sep-2017 [67974]
  • FEDERAL: Royal Order on Greenhouse Gas Emissions implements deviation from confidentiality of processing data by the administrator of the registry- 04-Aug-2017 [67728]
  • FLEMISH REGION: Managers must follow the criteria for integrated nature management when setting up the nature management plan for their site- 25-Aug-2017 [67712]
  • FLEMISH REGION: Rules added for companies that operate a recycle center and companies that transport EEE across border- 02-Aug-2017 [67511]
  • FLEMISH REGION: Transition period for difference in accepting recycled aggregates from construction debris with high and low risk profile now 1 year- 29-Sep-2017 [68078]
  • FLEMISH REGION: Water abstraction subject to compulsory prior notification and the zero-discharger status requires expertise- 04-Aug-2017 [66596]
  • WALLONIA: Renewable electricity generators that use fluid biomass are subject to stricter greenhouse emission reduction requirements- 13-Sep- 2017 [67897]


  • CROATIA: Regular audits of mechanical ventilation and air conditioning systems introduced- 01-Sep-2017 [67366]
  • Emission limit values (ELVs) for most stationary sources remain the same- 31-Aug-2017 [67096]
  • Harmonized standards for monitoring air quality apply to testing and calibration laboratories- 11-Aug-2017 [67971]

Czech Republic

  • Clarified procedure on subsidies for renewable sources- 18-Aug-2017 [67715]

European Union

  • Additional requirements for EMAS participants introduced- 29-Aug-2017 [67796]
  • Companies emitting greenhouse gases could be subject to stricter requirements in certain EU members- 12-Aug-2017 [66740]
  • EU approved an Amendment to Gothenburg Protocol- 27-Sep-2017 [68131]


  • A majority of special freight transports can now be done without a special freight permit- 24-Aug-2017 [67986]
  • Insertion of a cable under the main channel of rivers or under streams no longer requires a permit in every case- 12-Sep-2017 [67911]


  • Companies operating their own wastewater discharge installation face additional requirements- 23-Sep-2017 [68014]
  • Minamata Convention on Mercury now effective in France: Companies required to reduce or eliminate mercury in their operations and products by 2020- 20-Sep-2017 [67998]
  • Operators in charge of the treatment of spent nuclear fuel or radioactive waste can request for a derogation from the distribution system- 31-Aug-2017 [67813]
  • Operators must include additional requirements in the annual declaration concerning the emission and the transfers of pollutants and waste- 01-Sep- 2017 [67814]


  • Advanced compensation measures for nature impacts in the North and Baltic Seas introduced- 28-Sep-2017 [66015]
  • Bln: Requirements on wastewater discharge to be regulated on Federal level- 05-Aug-2017 [67765]
  • Energy and electricity tax exemptions and rebates extended- 04-Sep- 2017 [67792]
  • Phosphorus recovery soon to be mandatory under certain circumstances- 02-Oct-2017 [68079]
  • Wind farms are now subject to cross-border tenders before they can receive financial support- 15-Aug-2017 [67755]


  • Companies consigning hazardous goods by road and rail must comply with ADR/RID 2017 requirements- 24-Aug-2017 [67924]


  • Slightly amended content requirements for annual energy consumption and savings data reports- 10-Aug-2017 [67902]


  • Large public interest companies subject to increased CSR reporting requirements- 04-Aug-2017 [67832]


  • Frequencies and techniques of drinking water monitoring obligations updated- 18-Aug-2017 [67675]
  • Rules on waste classification aligned with recent EU provisions- 14-Aug- 2017 [67497]
  • Simplified and harmonized rules on the management of excavated material published- 08-Aug-2017 [67544]
  • Simplified rules for packaging producers/users and harmonised set of obligations regarding metal waste management adopted- 14-Aug- 2017 [67507]


  • Fees for use of highly polished reclaimed water established- 25-Aug- 2017 [67742]
  • Malta to reduce the use of lightweight carrier plastic bags- 12-Sep-2017 [67883]
  • Requirements for packaging producers streamlined- 12-Sep-2017 [67884]
  • Revised targets and criteria to calculate GHG emissions savings from the use of biofuels and bioliquids adopted- 05-Oct-2017 [68125]


  • Companies that produce, transport on site, store or use dangerous substances must follow the updated PGS-guidelines 15,29,32 and 35- 26-Sep-2017 [66415]
  • Operations carrying out asbestos removal or assigners of asbestos removal are required to hand in information to the national asbestos tracking system- 14-Sep-2017 [67916]
  • Operators of medium-sized combustion plants of 1 MW to 50MW must comply with the emission limits for sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and dust- 08-Sep-2017 [67829]
  • Rinse frequency requirements of pipes for drinking water and hot tap water for legionella prevention can be lowered in certain circumstances- 12-Sep-2017 [67885]
  • Risk assessment instead of a measurement programme is now possible for water supply companies or companies having their own water supply installation- 15-Sep-2017 [67927]


  • Sector-agreements on packaging and packaging waste replaced by legal obligations in the Norwegian Waste Regulations- 28-Aug-2017 [65282]


  • Changes apply to water use fees following the adoption of Water Act- 07-Sep-2017 [66978]
  • No changes to fees for the use of the environment in 2018- 03-Oct- 2017 [68102]


  • Afforestation and reforestation activities with eucalyptus subject to restrictions- 17-Aug-2017 [67585]
  • End-of-waste criteria for recovered plastics adopted- 02-Aug-2017 [66354]
  • Nagoya Protocol on access to and sharing of benefits from genetic resources implemented in Portugal- 21-Sep-2017 [67972]
  • Requirements for inland transport of dangerous goods aligned with 2017 versions of ADR and RID- 31-Aug-2017 [67789]


  • Fees and tariffs charged by the Regulatory Authority for Energy (ANRE) updated- 07-Aug-2017 [67889]
  • Methodology for establishing the annual static quota and annual quota obligations for acquiring green certificates updated- 24-Aug-2017 [68029]
  • Producers and distributors of drinking water to ensure for its quality and have a water safety plan- 31-Aug-2017 [66042]
  • Requirements for the issuance of green certificates streamlined- 23-Aug- 2017 [68187]
  • Rules for Green Certificates trade streamlined- 29-Aug-2017 [68190]


  • Additional 30 waste types added to the Federal Waste Catalogue- 05-Sep- 2017 [67806]
  • Maximum allowed concentration (PDK) limits for 10 chemical substances in soil introduced- 17-Aug-2017 [67669]
  • Statistical reporting form 2TP for waste updated- 28-Aug-2017 [67718]
  • System of rationing of wastewater discharged into centralised sewerage systems introduced- 04-Aug-2017 [67532]
  • Updated methods for calculating the dispersion of emissions of harmful substances in the atmospheric air introduced- 28-Aug-2017 [67753]


  • CATALONIA: Law on Climate Change approved- 28-Sep-2017 [68096]
  • Regulations about industrial products and emissions updated- 31-Aug- 2017 [67750]


  • Electronic consignment note can be used by companies transporting dangerous goods by road- 22-Aug-2017 [67693]
  • The Doha Amendment to the Kyoto Protocol to the UNFCCC approved- 09-Oct-2017 [66300]

United Kingdom

  • Companies constructing water fittings must comply with prescribed requirements to connect to a water undertaker- 21-Aug-2017 [67714]
  • Owners of premises with a private water supply system must ensure its quality and provide information to the local authority- 08-Sep-2017 [67900]
  • Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme amended to update biomass and biomethane injection tariffs- 31-Aug-2017 [67794]
  • Technical amendments made to prescribed waste offences resulting in no changes for operators- 03-Oct-2017 [68117]