The Total Nitrogen Analysis test kit was developed to provide users with a single test method for determining total nitrogen levels in process water and wastewater. Traditionally, users have had to perform total Kjeldahl nitrogen (TKN), nitrate and nitrite analysis, then sum them to obtain a value for Total Nitrogen. The new total nitrogen test kit is faster, safer, more accurate and costs less than the traditional method.

Total nitrogen (TN) concentration has become a concern because of its impact on eutrophication of water sources. And as more US states begin to set limits for TN, accurate testing becomes paramount. Unfortunately, multiple labs and variable test procedures can lead to disparities in final results. Many of today’s test methods are also time consuming, expensive, and even unsafe for lab technicians to use.

“Current methods introduce variability and human error into the mix, so there is no question that existing methods are suboptimal,”
says Taylor Reynolds, program marketing manager for Environmental and Ag Bio Testing.