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Every human action, however minute, impacts the environment. When it comes to industry, these impacts are disastrous and lasting.

From extreme weather to ocean acidification, rising global temperatures, and shrinking ice caps, we’re already seeing the results of years of long-term damage to the environment. The climate crisis is upon us, and now the world scrambles to hit net-zero and zero-carbon targets in a global effort to slow the effects of climate change before it’s too late.

Industry affects us in many ways we don’t see. Take mercury and lead pollution in mining for example. Chromium pollution from tanneries and the dyeing industry, and agricultural pesticides. Noise pollution from wind turbines and sky-high air pollution cumulated through transport and thermal power stations. Not to mention the catastrophic consequences of industrial accidents.Environmental regulations may be stricter, but legislation is worthless if it’s not enforced. Industrial contamination of soil, air and water has to be tested. And that’s where AWE International magazine comes in.Since its first edition in March 2005, AWE International has looked at the analytical processes used to monitor and assess the impact of industry on the environment. Our articles are written by experts in their field, who cover topical issues from an environmental monitoring and analysis standpoint.Alongside in-depth and unbiased articles, AWE brings you the latest information on new products and emerging technologies related to industrial environmental monitoring.

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Based in Dorset, Bay Publishing started in 2002 with the launch of our first title, Health & Safety International. Since then we have established ourselves as creators of beautifully designed, effective and market-leading products. If you want to speak with publishers about articles you have written, or need a place to increase the profile of the products you manufacture, then look no further – get in touch with us today!

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The only PPE magazine in the Middle East and Africa concentrating on industrial safety. Since HSME’s launch in 2008 a lot has changed in the Middle East and Africa, but our commitment to the region’s industrial safety has remained constant. Promoting holistic occupational safety across the Middle East and Africa, HSME shares best practices and cross industry knowledge to ensure safer workplaces for all.

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About HSI

HSI is Europe’s largest audited safety magazine. Published five times a year, it focuses on the importance of occupational safety in a wide range of industries across Europe. The magazine includes case studies and product reports that educate the reader in employee protection. Whereas other magazines rely solely on editorial from manufacturers to fill their pages, HSI also carries several in depth articles in each issue.

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The OSE Directory is a global reference source for health, safety and environmental monitoring products and professionals. Our goal is to achieve safety at work and reduce the industry’s impact on the environment. OSE Directory provides EHS consultants with one easy place to find all the products they require: from personal protective equipment (PPE) to environmental analysis and monitoring equipment.

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“I consider AWE magazine to be a truly serious and very informative trade magazine in the water and wastewater industries. Whenever I have time to read over an article, I find it fact-oriented, rich in information and well-worded. Since I personally do not only emphasize high-quality editorial content, but also an appealing design, I was already attracted to the magazine when I first got an issue of it in my hands. Its sophisticated cover design stands out from the wide mass of trade publications in this industry sector. We have a ton of options when it comes to advertising, so it’s not easy to choose the right advertising channel. I appreciate the enthusiasm and integrity of AWE magazine. My Advertising Sales Executive Jessica Oswald makes sure our ads and content look as we like them. I am looking forward to receiving the next issue!”

Nadine Deck, Press Officer Corporate PR

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